Nicole Neeb’s neckpieces and jewelry speak to those with confidence and the wish to be inimitable. Each collection has a language of it’s own. Travel, art, nature and different cultures, especially indigenous people, are her inspirations. Designs created with a mix of atypical materials are produced with an asymmetrical eye.

Born in Venezuela into a multi-cultural family, the designer traveled to the US after high school for college. During her senior year at Villanova University, where she received a BA in Economics, Nicole knew she must pursue her passion for fashion and she applied to Parsons The New School.

At Parsons, her creativity flourished and she took advantage of every opportunity to hone her skills in fashion beyond the required courses. The specialties she tackled expanded her vision and knowledge building confidence to go forward and develop her own line.

Almost immediately she began making pieces for herself, her friends, and their friends. Her idea for a piece originates from a myriad of sources seeking to uncover the unconventional and make a singular statement for each of her creations.

She was the winner of the 2008 Marie Claire Sustainable Bag Contest and first runner-up in the Swarovski Accessory Competition in 2009. Nicole was also a semifinalist in the Ecco Domani Fashion Fund in 2011.